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Departments » Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (English)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (English)

As an Evergreen Park School Community, our strength is in the unique perspective of all community members, staff, and students. We value the perspective of all individuals and share a common understanding of belonging. Teaching for equity allows the differences to transform the way we think, teach, learn and act such that all experiences and ways of being are handled with fairness and justice. As a district, we aim to uphold the goals of our strategic plan in alignment with our actions, policies, and procedures. It is our obligation and commitment to fully understand and embrace the following DEI&B definitions: 
Diversity is the existence of many identities, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a community. In life, advantages and disadvantages exist. As a result, individuals do not begin their journey in the same place. Equity provides an environment of fairness where each individual has what they need to meet their full potential. 
Inclusion refers to an environment where ALL individuals are and feel respected, have a sense of belonging, and participate and achieve their potential. While diversity is essential, it is not sufficient. An institution can be both diverse and non-inclusive at the same time. A commitment to an environment of inclusive practices is critical to the success of all that belong.  Everyone is treated and feels like a full member of the larger community, can thrive, and has views and beliefs that are integrated.  


"If diversity is getting an invite to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance, maybe belonging is feeling comfortable enough to ask someone else to dance."

#BeEvergreen #EvergreenEquity

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. The district shall demonstrate cultural responsiveness when supporting families, students, and other staff. 
  2. The district shall view student behavior through a culturally responsive lens.  
  3. The district shall review and establish recruitment, hiring, and retention practices to address the culturally diverse needs of the district.  
  4. The district shall review materials and resources to represent and educate students about diversity and inclusive student population. 
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