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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand some questions may arise for our parents/guardians. Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers for your convenience.  If your question is not listed, you may email [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible.


When is the first day of school?
Children attending Evergreen Park Elementary School District 124 in grades Kindergarten through Grade 8 will begin the 2023-2024 school year on Thursday, August 24, 2023. Student attendance hours on this day will be from 8:20 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

What school supplies will my child need?
The supplies vary somewhat for each school and grade.  A list of school supplies for the 2023-2024 school year can be found by clicking on the “Parents” tab at the top of this page, and then “School Supply Lists” link.

Which school will my child attend?
School assignment is based on the quadrant in which you live in.  For currently enrolled returning students, teacher and class/schedule assignment will be available on August 15, 2023 from 11:30am to 3:00pm and 4:30pm to 6:00pm during Parent Packet Pick Up day.

I have moved to a new location within the district boundaries. What do I need to do to change my address?
If a family has moved within the boundaries of a different D124 school since the beginning of the preceding school year or during the summer, parents are required to inform and provide the new address to the registrar before starting enrollment for the new 2023-2024 school year.  A Certificate of Residence - Appendix A form (available on the Registration Page) must be completed along with original proof of residency accepted documents supplied.

Who is required to complete new health forms?
The state of Illinois requires all students to have a complete and current Certificate of Health and Immunization Record, Proof of School Dental and an Eye Examination. One or all described health forms will be required for student(s) who will be starting for the first time in Preschool, Early Childhood, Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 6th grade. Health forms can be found by Clicking Here.

When are health forms due and where do I send them?
Completed forms with the physician’s signature are due the first day of school or by the 10th day of school.  Children without completed health forms will be excluded from school.  Completed health forms should be returned to your child’s school to the attention of the school nurse. 

When is open registration for school year 2023-2024?
If you need assistance with your returning student enrollment you can email [email protected] to make an appointment with the registrar. Open registration for returning students will be on August 1, 2023 from 1pm to 7pm and August 2, 2023 from 9am to 3pm. 

When can I enroll to the Extended Day Care Program?
Parent/Guardians who have enrolled to the 2023-2024 school year, are eligible to use our Extended Day care program.  Registration will occur on-line. For more information about registration and program fees, please Click Here to direct you to the Extended Day Program page.



 I have limited access to the internet and/or have limited computer skills, how can I enroll my student for the new school year?
You may email the registrar at [email protected] or call at (708) 423-0950 ext. 2145 to set up an appointment to use on one of our computer stations at the Administrative Office.

I have a returning student that will need to start for the 2023-2024 school year. I didn’t receive a snapcode. How do I get a snapcode?
The student(s) snapcode was sent to the primary email address on file.  Send an email to [email protected] to obtain your student(s) snapcode if you have not received it. We recommend checking your spam/junk folder. 

I have a new student to register, but I do not have a snapcode for him/her. What should I do?
New students enrolling into our district school for the first time will not have a snapcode assigned to them.  If you would like to enroll a new student, visit the “New D124 Student Registration” page and follow the steps provided.

I paid the registration fees online during enrollment, why can’t my child/children start school?
Every family needs to complete the residency verification process on an annual basis.  Once your residency has been approved by the registrar, your child(ren) will be able to start school.

My family usually qualifies for a fee waiver and/or free lunch, do I need to complete the residency verification process?Yes. Every family needs to complete the residency verification process on an annual basis. The residency verification process is independent of the fee waiver and free lunch application process.  In addition, the fee waiver and free lunch application process is completed on an annual basis. The application will be available after July 1, 2023 and at the District Office.

I am the parent/legal guardian but I am residing with a family member who is an Evergreen Park district resident. What paperwork is needed?
The family member who owns or rent/leases a property will need to complete the Student Residency Affidavit (Appendix C)  and will need to prove their residency in the Administrative Office with the accepted documentation.  Additionally, the enrolling parent/guardian should provide accepted documentation proving they reside at the address as well. The district resident must be present on the day of the residency appointment with the parent/guardian.



Why am I having to provide proof of residence?
Illinois public schools are mandated by the Illinois State School Code to annually ensure that students attending the school district on a tuition free basis are residents of the district.

I have lived in the district for many years and pay a lot of money in taxes. Why do I have to do this annually?
We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of our taxpayers in the district.  Tenure in the district was not a factor in determining who was required to participate in our residency verification process. Residency verification is a requirement of the Illinois State School Code on an annual basis.  We felt that the inconvenience of residency verification on an annual basis is outweighed by the benefits of ensuring that only families who live in and are residents of the district have access to our schools.

Why do you need me to come in to verify my residency?
Providing us information to verify residency is necessary for families to receive tuition free educational services from our schools. 

What if I don’t have the required proofs of residency with me?
Parents/guardians who do not have the required documents will be asked to return to the Administrative Office with the appropriate documents, on another registration day, in order to register. District 124 staff will not accept any substitutions for items on the list of acceptable proofs.

What if I own a home but do not pay a mortgage (i.e., the home is paid for)?
If you no longer pay a mortgage on your home, you can provide your homeowners insurance declaration policy or the most recent property tax bill and proof of payment.

Is participation in this process mandatory? What if I refuse to participate?
If you choose not to participate, you will be considered a non-resident and therefore not entitled to the tuition-free educational services of the district.

How does this process affect homeless students?
We have another residency process in place for this special circumstance. If this is your case, email [email protected] to schedule an appointment with the Homeless Liaison. If you are staying in a shelter, bring a letter from the shelter staff stating that you are living there.

How does this process affect undocumented students?
We have provided a choice of submitting many forms of documentation to demonstrate residency so that an undocumented family may still prove that residency within the boundaries of our district, regardless of immigration status. If you have further questions about this process, email [email protected] or call (708) 423-0950 ext. 2145 to speak with the registrar.

What do I do if I am establishing residency for a child that is not living with a parent or legal guardian?
The adult registering a child that is not living with a parent/guardian will be required to complete a Certificate of Residence (Appendix A) and a Student Residency Affidavit (Appendix B) forms. The adult will also need to prove residency in the district with the accepted documentation. If this is your case, email [email protected], or call (708) 423-0950 ext. 2145 to schedule an appointment with the registrar.