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Residency Requirements

All students attending a District 124 school on a tuition-free basis must reside within the boundaries of the district. All families will be required to prove every year that they live at the district address provided during registration. Once you have completed the registration process online, you must provide the following items when meeting with the District 124 registrar. You MUST provide the ORIGINAL COPY of the documents to the District. Documents will be copied for our files.


You should black out any account and/or social security numbers on the documents. All documents must be current and show your name and address. You must provide three (3) of the following documents which must be dated within the last 30 days.

You will need one document from "Category A" AND two documents from "Category B."

Category A – One (1) document

Category B – Two (2) documents

   □ Home mortgage statement OR ownership title OR deed

   □ Current gas, electric, water OR cable/internet bill

   □ Homeowners Insurance policy

   □ Current Renter’s insurance policy

   □ Most recent property tax bill and proof of payment
(e.g., cancelled check or Form 1098)

   □ Current Public Aid Card and the original letter or postcard mailed with the Public Card

   □ Affidavit of Use from the Village of Evergreen Park with Stamp

   □ Current Illinois voter registration card and the original letter or postcard mailed with voter registration card

   □ Original apartment lease (signed and dated lease listing all tenants AND proof of last month’s payment (e.g., cancelled check or receipts) AND the landlord’s Certificate of Inspection from the Village of Evergreen Park

   □ A paycheck OR a bank statement

   □ Current automobile insurance policy OR vehicle registration

   □ Illinois Driver’s License OR State ID

   □ Consular Identification Card


The school district reserves the right to evaluate the evidence presented, and merely presenting items listed does not guarantee a student’s enrollment.


  • Families, who are living with an Evergreen Park District 124 resident, for purposes other than school attendance, must complete a Student Residency Affidavit (Appendix C) Form. Proof of residency is required for both the parent/guardian and the Evergreen Park Resident. The district resident must be present on the day of the registration appointment.
  • Families who have a complex guardianship situation or residency matter will need to contact Liza Lopez at [email protected] or call at (708) 423-0950 ext. 2145 to schedule an appointment to discuss the situation.
  • When utilizing a Student Residency or Homeless Affidavit, you are subject to random residency checks by our police liaison, at which time you must show proof that the student and legal parent/guardian reside at said address. NO EXCEPTIONS!