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Project TREE

Evergreen Park Elementary School District 124 is dedicated to providing all learners with curriculum opportunities that permit them to reach their optimum levels of learning. Our district celebrates the giftedness in all children; however, we recognize that differences exist among individual learners. The concern for the individual learner is basic to our commitment to adopt and design curriculum experiences for our gifted/talented students in those areas where diagnostic tools are available to help us identify those who will benefit from the curriculum. We believe our curriculum should provide a balanced focus on accelerated learning and expanded and enriched experiences within the content areas of our basic educational program.

Identification Process

The identification of gifted students in District 124 is based on multiple criteria, both objective measures and professional judgment, as to keep in compliance with the Illinois School Code. Students are universally screened at the end of second and fifth grades using the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). The results of this screening along with percentile data from STAR are used to identify students for our Project TREE program.


Daily Gifted Math: Math instruction is provided daily for our Project TREE students. Students in grades third through fifth are provided 70 minutes of math instruction at the beginning of each school day. This may occur at a school other than their home school. Parents are responsible for dropping students off for math each day and the district provides transportation back to their home school. The middle school provides Project TREE math daily for 51 minutes at each grade level. Our Project TREE math classes teach our core curriculum along with enrichment and extension lessons.

Reading Instruction

The middle school provides daily core reading instruction for 44 minutes at each grade level.  Our Project TREE reading classes teach using several gifted curriculum resources such as William and Mary Instructional Units and Junior Great Books.

Social-Emotional Component

Research shows high-ability students are typically as well adjusted as any other group of youngsters. Nevertheless, they face a number of situations that, while not unique to them, constitute sources of risk to their social and emotional development which in turn may compromise or prevent actualization of their full potential.  Direct instruction on positive coping strategies to deal with situations students will encounter in life will enhance self-concept and promote good interpersonal relationships.

Parent Appeal Process

Parents may appeal a decision by asking for the reconsideration of the results of any part of the identification process which would include the following: screening procedure or assessment instrument (which results in identification); the scheduling of children for assessment; the placement of a student in the program; and receipt of services. Parents should submit a letter to the building principal outlining the nature of the concern, and with supporting documentation attached.  

Contact Information

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Ashley Carlson
[email protected] 708-423-0950 X2120

Gifted Teachers:

Louise Baldwin [email protected]
Blair Dovgin [email protected]
Amanda Ewert [email protected]
Julia Kelly [email protected]
Coreen Sobczak [email protected]