Evergreen ParkElementary School District 124


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Food Service Program 2022-23

Breakfast Program 

(served at NW, NE, SE, and Central) 

Elementary (K-5) Full Price 

CMS (6-8) Full Price Breakfast 

Breakfast $1.55 


(K-8) Reduced Price Breakfast 

(K-8) Milk 

Free $0.30 


Lunch Program 

Elementary (K-5) Full Price Lunch 

CMS (6-8) Full Price Lunch 



(K-8) Reduced Price Lunch 

(K-8) Milk 

Free $0.40 


Lunch Procedures for 2022-2023 

Information for Paid Lunches: 

  • ID numbers carry over from last year and will continue to follow your child throughout their years in District 124 
  • The remaining balances from previous lunch accounts have rolled over into the new school year
How does my child order and receive lunch?
  • Lunch is ordered daily in the morning during attendance when the teacher takes the “lunch count” 
  • Please review the menu with your child and discuss which meal he or she would like to order 
  • At lunch students go through the lunch line and pick up the meal they chose that morning 
  • The lunchroom staff will then account for their meal in the system and deduct the meal cost (if Paid or Reduced) from their account 

How does my child pay for lunch

  • Meals can be paid for by cash, check or our online payment option SendMoneyToSchool.com
  • Your child must have funds available in their account at the time of service 
  • No students will be allowed to charge a meal or purchase on credit 
  • Cash transactions for meals will not be allowed during service
  • We strongly encourage prepayment for meals in advance 
  • You can pay for as many meals as you’d like in advance 
  • Cash or check payments should be sent in a sealed envelope marked “Lunch” and MUST include the child’s or children’s name/s, classroom/s, and the total amount enclosed 
  • Cash or checks sent for multiple children will be divided evenly between their accounts
  • Checks should be made out to Evergreen Park District 124 
  • Money envelopes will be collected in the morning when the “lunch count” is taken 
  • Cash and check deposits will be available for same day lunch 
  • Milk can also be paid in advance or purchased daily in the “milk line” 


  • Visit SendMoneyToSchool.com to create a safe and secure account 
  • A new account does not need to be created if an account already exists 
  • A Lunch ID number is needed to create an account 
    • ID numbers carried over from last school year 
  • Easily deposit money into your child’s account online 
  • Monitor your child’s account balance regardless if you pay online or not 
  • View meal account histories 
  • Online deposit transactions may take up to four hours to process 
  • Parents are responsible to pay transaction fees associated with online payments $1.00 fee for each electronic check, $2.45 fee for credit card transactions