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Remote Learning » Remote Learning Student/Teacher Expectations

Remote Learning Student/Teacher Expectations

Student Expectations

  • Students will sign in and be prepared for class with all necessary materials by 8:25 a.m.
  • Students will work from home on the assignments teachers have provided to them. 
  • Students will complete assignments that will be graded and evaluated with the same level of rigor as in-person instruction. Students' grades will reflect the quality of work handed in. 
  • Students will be required to use headphones while engaged in remote instruction to help minimize distractions and background noise. 
  • Students will email the teacher with any questions and concerns. 
  • Students will charge their devices nightly.
  • All assignments need to be turned in by the due date and dropped off at school buildings or submitted electronically.
  • Students are required to have their video turned on and are to be visible during remote instruction. 
  • Students are expected to actively participate for the duration of the live remote instruction. 
  • No virtual backgrounds will be allowed. 
  • Be sure they are following the behavioral expectations while remaining engaged in remote learning. 
  • The district discipline and dress code will be in effect during remote learning.
  • Conduct yourself with respect in your Google Classroom posting, Zoom interactions, and virtual work with other students

Parent Expectations

  • Parents are required to attend a remote learning orientation.  
  • Make sure students are logged in and ready to begin class by 8:25 a.m.  Compulsory attendance laws are in effect during remote learning.
  • Students will be marked tardy after 8:35 a.m.
  • All parents need to sign up for weekly PowerSchool reports sent out to email.
  • Establish a work space that is free of distractions. 
  • Monitor communication between your child and your child’s teacher. 
  • Take an active role in supporting your child during this remote learning process.
  • Be sure they are following the behavioral expectations while  remaining engaged in remote learning. 
  • If a child is sick and/or unable to participate in remote learning for the day, call the school office and notify the teacher.  The child will be marked absent for the day.
  • Parents will come to school to pick up needed materials to support remote learning when needed.


Teacher Expectations

  • Teachers will provide five hours of instruction with a minimum of 3.5 hours of live remote instruction. Teachers in PK/EC and Kindergarten will provide a minimum of 2.5 hours of remote instruction.   
  • Teachers will complete at least one week of lesson plans and submit to the building principal.
  • Teachers will focus on the subject areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies.  
  • Special Teachers in the elementary schools will provide instruction in PE, Music or Art (one per semester), and Computer Science. 
  • Teachers will take attendance each day and record in PowerSchool.  Middle school teachers will take attendance each class period. 
  • Teachers will provide students and families will all logins that students will need. 
  • Teachers will grade assignments and evaluate them with the same level of rigor as in-person instruction.  Grades will reflect the quality of work handed in. 
  • Teachers will enter grades for the week by Sunday evening so that parents can access updated grades by Monday mornings.
  • Teachers will be required to use the district curriculum for instruction.  
  • Teachers will actively monitor email for student or parent issues, respond within 24 hours
Teaching & Learning Resources
  • Kindergarten through third grade will use Seesaw. 
  • Grades 4 through 8 will use Google Classrooms
  • Teachers will use Zoom to meet with students during class time or for additional meetings. 
  • Students will be able to access the following programs through their Clever login in the elementary buildings.
  • Brain pop
  • Seesaw 
  • Renaissance: Star, AR, Freckle
  • Stemscopes